Giveaway alert! ~$25,000* in ????

DC Metaverse Studio is glad to announce that Free TON HQ will open very soon in Decentraland.

Free TON is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain/network project, capable of handling millions of transactions per second. Free TON is both user-friendly and service provider-friendly. Free TON is a continuation of the Telegram Open Network project. It is handled by the same team that created the Telegram Open Network, but without Pavel and SEC.

Along with the opening of HQ, an Airdrop will be launched. To take part in the drop you need to visit the scene and complete simple tasks from the NPC.

In total $25,000* will be distributed in Free TON (Crystals) tokens.

Biggest single prize: ~$1000
How to take a part?
  1. Visit the lottery center:
  2. Top up your Matic balance (Matic NPC) takes ~10 mins
  3. Buy a ticket (Santa NPC)
  4. Wait for the draw or Complete tasks to get extra tickets for free
What are the tasks?
There is an opportunity to gain additional lottery tickets for free by completing tasks.

There are 4 tasks in total:

Speak to the Matic robot and follow the instructions to top up your MATIC MANA. As soon as the enrollment occurs the task will be considered completed and you will receive one ticket.

Minimum tickets purchased requirement: no
How many tickets can you get: 1

Speak to Santa wearing any of the eligible DC Wearables to receive one ticket.

Eligible Wearables:
DappCraft Moon Miner, DC Nifty Blocksmith, DC META.

After that, go to Santa, and start talking to him. After this, the task is considered completed, you will receive one ticket.

Minimum tickets purchased requirement: 5
How many tickets can you get: 1

Play the game for 5 consecutive days during the event period. The day is considered new after 11:59 PM UTC. To play the game chat with the snowman at the scene. You must play until the game is over for it to count.

Once you finish playing the game on your fifth day, this quest will be considered complete and you will receive one ticket.

Minimum tickets purchased requirement: 5
How many tickets can you get: 1

Chat with the snowman and agree to play the game; Destroy 30 snowmen and get one ticket.

Minimum tickets purchased requirement: 10
How many tickets can you get: 1

Who wins?
Winners will be drawn on December 25th at the end of the event.

The winners will be determined using a random number generator ( this process will be recorded or live streamed.

All tickets, both paid and free, will be able to take part in the draw. It is not the individual participant that wins, but the ticket. Therefore it is permissible that one person could have several winning tickets.

Before the draw we will publish a numbered list of tickets, as to make the process more transparent.

1st place: 50%
2nd place: 25% (only if prize more or equal 10 MANA)
3rd place: 12.5% (only if prize more or equal 10 MANA)
4th place: 6.25% (only if prize more or equal 10 MANA)
5th place: 3.125% (only if prize more or equal 10 MANA)
etc (only if prize more or equal 10 MANA)

the number of places depends on the amount of the prize pool

The DC Metaverse Studio team is allowed to take part in the lottery, however we will exclude ourselves from winning the 1st place prize.

What is Matic?
Matic Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum using an adapted version of Plasma with PoS based side chains, achieving high throughput and free transactions.

Historically, games have been run by companies who control the supply and sale of in-game currencies as well as digital assets and collectibles.

Users do not own the assets they buy or win on traditional gaming platforms. Blockchain offers us a credible way of users taking control of their assets for ownership and trade.

Matic can help increase the efficiency of performing transactions of gaming networks over a blockchain. The throughput of transactions such as buying or selling in-game currencies and buying and digital assets can be significantly increased.

Disclaimer: Please be aware we have not audited the code for this lottery event, so there is some level of risk involved. This lottery is for fun and for testing of the concept. While we encourage users to get involved and purchase tickets. Please only risk what you are prepared to loose.

DC Metaverse Studio is not responsible for any losses a player may incur. That said we hope you can hold this experience to the same high standards that you've come to expect from the DC Metaverse Studio team.
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