Pranksy x DappCraft - NFTBox

For whom

The idea
NFT boxes give an opportunity to buy in one central place and receive 10 NFTs a week from excellent artists and projects in the space, with the pieces curated by Pranksy in a collaboration with the headliner themselves the artists are handpicked to pick that month's theme. This offer is a one stop shop to a diverse collection of NFTs.
Each box includes:
  • 1 Headline Artist piece;
  • 6-7 further art pieces – 1 from each other Digital Artist included;
  • 1 freelance graphic designer piece;
  • 2 NFTs from existing projects. 
All who bought this box as a gift came wearable in the form of a cardboard box, created by DappCraft. It is worn on the head of the avatar, the eyes are in the form of round holes, the mouth is triangular and along the perimeter is sealed with branded tape with the names of the project participants, namely DappCraft, PRANKSY and NFTBoxes. 

Technical features
The eyes-holes blink, enlivening the cardboard box on his head.