SteamPunk quest

Quest game.

For whom?

The Idea.
The virtual world of Decentraland has gone next level with the introduction of quests, which are now part of the toolkit for creators. Landowners and designers can make quests that span multiple days and for example reward players with NFTs, wearables, or a POAP, proof-of-attendance. 
Players who’ve been active in Decentraland, probably remember the Halloween and Christmas seasonal events. These virtual events had quests that had different stages, spread out over multiple days.
In SteamPunk players need to help Anna to fix her watch, and by doing so they will receive a reward.

Technical features.
We've added character voice acting.
For mini-tales, we used the player's thoughts.
The game has Easter eggs and messages to our friends.
We have integrated credits very unusually. Try to find them!
We've made a new state preservation system.
For development, we recorded different unique sounds, not downloaded ones.