Halloween: Dancing skeletons

For whom?

The idea
A cool example of how to attract Decentraland users to the theme of Halloween. It was a party that a lot of people came to. 
Michael Jackson is a character with a unique technique of movements and wild charm. We recreated his dance in the style of the clip "Thriller" with the help of one of the main symbols of All Saints' Day - glowing skeletons. Placing a team of 3 dancers in the center of the stage, we started broadcasting a cool DJ performance on the background and placed light animations and spotlights in acid colors around the perimeter. Our team turned an ordinary party into an unforgettable show.

Interesting facts
The animation includes an exact copy of the movements of 2 canonical and most recognizable parts of Michael Jackson's iconic 30-second "Thriller" video. 
The original 14-minute music video for Thriller was inspired by the horror films of the 1950s. In 2009, it was listed on the National Film Registry, becoming the first clip to make it to the Library of Congress.