The idea
Clapping your hands, jumping up and laughing are too mundane things to use in the virtual 3D world. In the metaverse, you want to show your emotions in an unreal and exaggerated form.

The first of 7 in this project is Head Explode 🤯
The so-called "Blown Mind" can represent emotions such as shock, awe, amazement and distrust. It looks like a sharp increase in the head of the avatar in relation to the constant size of the body. Such a manifestation of emotions is impossible in the real world, and in Decentraland it is commonplace. All wearables on the head also increase.

The second is Dab, a modern gesture that gained popularity in 2016 and does not lose relevance to this day. It looks like the avatar simultaneously drops his head while raising his hand to the elbow in a gesture that looks like a "gesture of sneezing" and freezes. We decided that the cult movement should exist in the crypto world!

Interesting facts
The project has developed 7 different emotions, but only 2 have been released so far. They have already become popular among Decentraland users.