Pre-Sale Nifty Blocksmith

Pre-Sale Nifty Blocksmith

Hi everyone! 

We are pleased to inform you that we are launching Pre-Sale vouchers for the new Nifty Blocksmith collection. 

Fashion show is coming soon and we hope to surprise you a little. 

The collection has been improved a bit and now is closer to description: 
Steel plant is his cradle. Fire and code were his parents. His blood is digitally scarce. Non fungible is his consciousness.

We hope you enjoy the new look!

Also, meet a new element, Blocksmith Companion Drone!

The last element of the Red Secret Box collection:

Share your guesses in the chat: https://discord.gg/sCFYmvb 

Complete collection: 
  1. Helmet
  2. Jacket
  3. Trousers
  4. Boots
  5. Drone
  6. Red Secret Box

About pre-sale

Voucher sales start today! Oct 9
The sale will be available on our partners' land, the list of locations:

  • Helmet = ~ 900 MANA
  • Jacket = ~1000 MANA
  • Trousers = ~1000 MANA
  • Boots = ~1000 MANA
  • Drone = ~ 1000 MANA
  • Red Secret Box = ~ 1400 MANA

Distribution of the collection:
  • 20% DCL fund (wearables)
  • 30% Pre-sale (vouchers)
  • 10% Fashion show (wearables)
  • 40% Not yet determined (wearables & vouchers)

  • We cannot promise when wearables become available for minting. It will happen after the fashion show, but we don't know exactly. We will try to do it as soon as possible. But when buying a voucher, you have to be ready to get your wearables a few days late. 
  • The order number of the voucher you bought has nothing to do with the order number of the wearables you received during the minting process.
  • Gas price when buying a voucher is lower than when buying a wearable, but minting later also requires gas. 

For our partners who own the capsules

We have prepared new capsules that reflect the visual concept of our two collections: 

Dear partners, please be in touch if you need to deploy your scenes. 

Referral conditions for partners for this collection: 15% from sales.

The commission at OpenSea will be reduced after the fashion show. 

For all your questions write to our chat, you know where you can find it.