PreSale’s going to be LIVE on 06/06

PreSale’s going to be LIVE on 06/06

We've talked to DCL team and the community and decided to change our presale a little.

We are glad to announce that PreSale’s going to be LIVE on 06/06

DCL team is planning a fashion show on 10th of July where new wearables will be presented to the public. We are making a presale of our vouchers before that event.
DCL will make their official announcement about wearables on Monday 8th June.

More details:
Started: from June 6 at 6:06 pm (UTC)
Date of treasure hunt: one week starting from June 6th.

Collection of vouchers(recipes) for sale

We are going to sell 6 vouchers (recipes) for legendary wearables and accessories:
  • Moon Miner Helmet - 60 vouchers (recipes) 
  • Moon Miner Glasses - 60 vouchers (recipes)
  • Moon Miner Jacket - 60 vouchers (recipes)
  • Moon Miner Trousers - 60 vouchers (recipes)
  • Moon Miner Boots - 60 vouchers (recipes)
  • Moon Miner Sixth element (it’ll surprise) - 60 vouchers (recipes)

1 voucher = 1 wearable

We mint only 60% of the vouchers, because of obligations to the DCL fund. 

Vouchers for other collections will not be available for sale until we obtain more licenses. But we will use them in competitions and events, and as a demonstration on our scene and in capsules (metas).

The cost of one voucher for any item: ±1000 MANA. 
Sale is made in ETH as converted to MANA. The rate of MANA will be updated once a day. 

Voucher sales will take place through: 
  1. MegaStore (main DappCraft's scene) - 1 location
  2. Capsules of partners (metas of MetaZone) - no more than 20 locations. There are 8 metas left. Become a partner, sell the vouchers with us and be part of the treasure hunt.

DappCraft treasure hunt

Follow: https://events.decentraland.org/en/?event=9834b4aa-10b6-41be-8ad1-5cae394f9f0e

With the start of the vouchers presale we initiate event where players who have avatar name can participate in the hunt to get free vouchers (rare and epic) or something else (we will announce later).

Event will last for 7 days and 70 prizes will be given out.

Event details (briefly)
Players will have to visit all our capsules and main scene and check-in there.
After that they will participate in a lottery. 10 wins per day.

We will announce all later.

For DappCraft Vending Capsules owners

For now we have a license for 6 items.  we will only sell 6 vouchers (recipes)in this first presale event.  Moon miner collection: helmet, glasses, jacket, trousers, boots and sixth element.

Further, as we get more licenses, we will add more vouchers/recipes for sale in the capsules, and they will appear on your scenes, you will only need to update/redeploy the meta.

For the first collection, the referral bonus for hosts will be 25%.
The commission on OpenSea will be 20% for the duration of the presale.To avoid speculation. We will reduce the % after the presale. 

Since instead of 20 vouchers, we will only sell 6, we decided to make some changes to make selling vouchers through the capsules more profitable for our partners:

1. We decided to reduce the number of metas to 20 for the first presale event, not 100 as before.

2. We decided to add a referral tracking mechanism. If a player has seen our stuff for the first time on your scene, we will remember him as your referral. And even if he buys a voucher in MegaStore, you'll get a 25% reward after the presale.

3. We decided to do a "treasure hunt". All hunters will travel to the locations where our capsules are installed and receive prizes for it. This will give our partners additional traffic. In the future, we would like to hold these kinds of events frequently.

4. All meta owners should send us their wallets addresses to be added into smart-contract, to grant an access to referral bonus. It should be the same wallet as you have in MetaZone.

Become a partner: https://metazone.io/metas/dappcraftcapsules

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dapp_craft
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/NeCez42
Web-site: http://dapp-craft.com/