QuizZone: Launch

QuizZone: Launch

We are pleased to announce that our QuizZone events are now a weekly occurrence with different questions & themes!

What is QuizZone?

QuizZone is a multiplayer quiz game in DCL created by DappCraft Metaverse Studio.

Answer questions before the timer reaches 0 by standing in the correlating square.

Use boosts to get advantages such as 50/50 & Auto while competing against your peers!

Do you like Quizzes?

Become a QuizZone Club member to gain exclusive privileges.

Come, Take on your friends!

Thanks to the Decentraland & Matic Creator Program fund we're able to obtain a Foundation Grant to develop this product.

More info here: http://dapp-craft.com/quizzone

Discord: https://discord.gg/S4ZhNM4