TrustSwap HQ & Event

We built a TrustSwap company’s HQ in the metaverse. Over a 1000 people attended a crypto party that was held at the opening.

TrustSwap — full-service digital asset ecosystem that uses smart contracts to provide a comprehensive decentralized toolkit for the crypto community. Prominent TrustSwap services include an Incubator & Launchpad Platform based on guaranteed allocation, Public Token Generation via Minting, Token and Liquidity Locks, P2P token swaps, the iOS/Android 'The Crypto App', and the Swappable NFT marketplace.

The client wanted to get an HQ building design that would reflect the main elements of the company's philosophy: hi-tech and sustainability. In addition, one of the requests was to incorporate a dystopian mood into the mix. To make the project environmentally friendly, we used a lot of green spaces and wood in the interior decoration. We used blue mechanical panels for the exterior, and white plastic to reflect the high-tech theme.
The building consists of two interconnected buildings.The TrustSwap HQ is located at one of them. The company decided to use the second one as an NFT gallery. You can find all the information about the company at the HQ
, as well as listen to video speeches of its founders. By the way, everyone had a chance to get acquainted with them at the opening. Their CEO Jeff Kirdeikis and the entire management of the company came to the party. 
Each building has three floors, you can move between them with the help of a teleporter. Once on the floor, visitors are able to walk along the tier between the buildings. 
We tried to create a maximum amount of surface, which could be used to post additional content in the future. 
We also created a simple collection of TrustSwap clothes and POAP souvenirs as part of the project: 5000 caps, 500 hoodies and 1000 POAPs were available.

We applied several interesting technical solutions during the implementation of the project!
Unlike most of the buildings in the metaverse, we created the TrustSwap building completely from modules, which we then connected using code. This helped to achieve a high level of detail and realism. We have been working on trees for a very long time, trying to make them as stylistically attractive, lightweight and optimized as possible. We approached each tree leaf the same way as we did each element of the building. We only had three leaves, which turned into thousands of copies on each tree. We were able to squeeze out the maximum number of realistic textures and details from this area, significantly moving away from the cartoon format, which developers are often forced to use as they consider the platform's limitations.
For the first time, it was possible to create such realistic bushes in Decentraland :)

It took us 2 months to complete the project, it premiered on July 8, 2021.
The building consists of 700,000 compound triangles that we were able to fit into 50 elements, which together weigh only 60 mb.