Coca-Cola Wearable

For whom?
Coca-Cola :)

The idea:
Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket Wearable — a futuristic jacket — is illuminated with effervescent fizz, purposely designed with subtle nods to Coke’s nostalgic delivery uniforms. It also will include an unlockable version that can be worn in the Decentraland 3D virtual reality platform. Inspired by metaverse trends and utility, the jacket features the Coca-Cola color palette, fusing the metallic red of the aluminium can and caramel brown of the delicious drink.

Interesting facts:
We became part of a huge NFT-project of the company, timed to the day of friendship.
On July 30, Coca-Cola will auction off an NFT loot box on OpenSea. It contains Tafi-designed digital apparel that can be worn in the virtual Decentraland metaverse.