De-Generative Punks

  • Team, let's come up with something cool for the CryptoPunks community. Let's have fun and make friends with them.

  • Mission accomplished. We inspired AI to create realistic punk faces.
It turned out very cool.

Something like this went on last week in the DC team HQ. It all started with a brainstorming session on the topic: "How can we make DC Metaverse Studio known throughout the CryptoPunks community, introducing CryptoPunk enthusiasts to our team and the wider Decentraland community".

This resulted in two mini-projects:

  1. Event in Decentraland: “The First CryptoPunks Hang Out” https://events.decentraland.org/en/?event=47fca2f0-082f-4a76-8ef1-fcbf9ca9172d Take part in our Crypto Punk themed shooting game. Voice/Text chat with other Punk collectors & enthusiasts.
  2. NFT AI generated art: “De-Generative Punks” https://dapp-craft.com/punks  The result of our little art-experiment: 30 punk faces created by AI.

What is a De-Generative punk? 
  • It’s a DC experiment
  • It’s a fun GIF NFTs
  • It’s an art piece created by AI
  • It’s a spin off for Crypto Punks owners

How was it created? 
We shared images of hundreds of crypto punks to AI for inspiration. The AI was trained on photographs of people. It was able to come up with people's faces that look like a pixelated representation of punks.

All generated faces are artificial / fictional. We chose the most interesting faces and turned them into gifs. We did this project for fun and some promotion for our team outside of our usual scope. We will be releasing these NFTs and distributing them to the owners of the corresponding Crypto Punks. 

How to get a De-Generative Punk?
  • we give them away for free to the owners of the original crypto punks;
  • you can get your token for free until the end of February.

We have 30 De-Generative Punks, which we will give out to the owners of their originals (Crypto Punks)

To get your De-Generative Punk you need:
  • Come on 01/30 to the CryptoPunks hang out at Decentraland;
  • Explore the list of available De-Generative Punks and find yours;
  • If you find a De-Generative Punk that corresponds to a punk that you own, write to us;
  • We will send you your De-Generative Punk for free, we only ask you to pay for gas.

If you haven’t found your punk, sorry but no luck this time!...

The list of De-Generative Punk faces, which is now presented on the site and on OpenSea, is not final. It is posted for demonstration and can be completely modified. The final list will be prepared and published on 01/30.

Contact us: https://discord.gg/CQwPvgXyur