QuizZone Leagues

Introducing QuizZone Leagues!

QuizZone Leagues is a seasonal addition to our weekly QuizZone games, allowing users to compete for bigger prizes over a larger time frame. Users earn leaderboard points at the weekly QuizZone events (Saturday’s 8PM UTC) to compete for the seasonal prize pool!

Season 1 will begin 15th May & run until 31th July, we will be wiping the old leaderboard to mark the start of our new seasonal format.

Season 1 Prize Pool:
  • 1st Place - Legendary Wearable + Club Card 
  • 2nd Place - Legendary Wearable
  • 3rd Place - Legendary Wearable
  • 4th Place - not licensed DappCraft voucher
  • 5th Place - not licensed DappCraft voucher

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There will also be a separate seasonal prize pool for the top 3 finishing QuizZone Club Card members which we will announce at a later date.

Additionally the top 3 participants from each weekly event will be awarded Voxters NFTs!

At the end of the season we will reset points and announce a new season!
Attend each week to increase your chances of winning the season prize pool!
Use QuizZone boosters to gain a competitive advantage (max 3 boosters per game)

How to play QuizZone https://dapp-craft.com/quizzone/how-to-play

If there was an error in the quiz, we will not reconsider quiz results as all players were playing under the same conditions.